Background of CDM

Promoting Reform and Innovation within the Public System

Canadian Doctors for Medicare stepped into the national health care debate in May 2006 when a group of physicians and friends became concerned about the increased privatization in Canadian health care and the development of a two-tier health care system that would allow the wealthy to buy private insurance for private care at the expense of the vast majority of Canadians.

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Vision and Mission

Canadian Doctors for Medicare - Better Medicare for all Canadians

Statement of Vision and Mission

A high-quality, equitable, sustainable health system built on the best available evidence is the highest expression of Canadians caring for one another.

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The Case for Medicare

The 40-year struggle for universal health care - from private failure to public success

Private medicine dominated Canadian health care until the mid-1940s. Canadians who couldn't afford to pay for a doctor or hospital bed generally relied on charity or went without care. Some sacrificed homes and life savings to get medical attention for desperately ill family members. This still happens in the United States, the only developed nation without a universal, publicly-funded health care system.


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Role of the Medical Professional

The Canadian Medical Association and the Role of the Medical Profession

Historical perspective

When Premier Tommy Douglas introduced public insurance for physicians' services in Saskatchewan in 1962, doctors went on strike. The Saskatchewan experience showed however that doctors could indeed thrive within a single-payer system. Within just a few years, public health insurance had become a federal program.

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