Guidance for National Health Care Reform - June 2012

The areas of health care that the Premiers have chosen to address in their Working Group on Innovation at the Council of the Federation this July are critical to the vitality of our health care system. This report from Canadian Doctors for Medicare considers the evidence relating to those innovations, exploring:

• the direct benefits from those innovations

• the approaches that can optimize those benefits

• the barriers to realizing those benefits, and

• the most effective methods of overcoming those barriers.

In examining clinical practice guidelines, this report identifies their capacity to improve both patient outcomes and system costs, but also identifies the barriers to the successful application of those guidelines and proposes solutions to those problems. In considering the benefits of addressing the scope of practice in health care professions, this report explores the benefits of changing scope, but also the benefits of the team models facilitated by those changes and the benefits of primary health care reforms that can ensure those changes have the greatest effect.

This report also identifies the benefits of a national pharmaceutical strategy, a key area where our First Ministers could find cost‐efficiencies that can improve outcomes for patients while supporting other advancements in our health care system.

Critically,the evidence in all of these areas points towards systematic, innovative national strategies that build on our public, not‐for‐profit system as the best way to provide the highest quality care, and the most cost‐efficient care,to all Canadians.

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