Federal Leadership on Health Care Matters - July 2013

Presented as part of a First Aid Kit for Canadian Health Care at the Council of the Federation in July 2013.

Canadians expect better from our federal government. We want to know that our health care system will be there for our patients, providing access to quality care based on need and not ability to pay, from coast to coast to coast. We cherish our health care system, but we also know that it needs real change. Abandoning leadership is not the way to make our health care system better, and it contradicts the values of Canadians.

Recent federal decisions to walk away from leadership on health care are having a real impact on our health care system. The federal government has abandoned a 2014 Health Accord – a renewal of the key initiative that drove transformation in our health care system and set national standards. Cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program for refugees has put many health care providers in the impossible position of having to refuse care to sick people, or risk contravening federal regulations. And the dismantling of the Health Council of Canada is creating an information vacuum about how Canada is performing on key measures of our health care system. The federal government is also poised to reverse decades of safe practice by approving for-profit blood plasma clinics.

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