A Tool for Assessing Health Care Delivery Models - January 2011

Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM) is committed to the improvement, and expansion of Canada’s publicly funded health care system. We support the principle that medically necessary health care be provided on the basis of need, rather than ability to pay. 

Within Canada’s publicly financed health care system, some physicians and other advocates are promoting delivery models that deliver service outside the traditional structures, some of which incorporate market elements including privatization, investor-ownership and profit from fees beyond the provincially-approved fee schedules. A number of variants of these models already exist in Canada, and more are developing. 

Provincial and territorial health policymakers are challenged to ensure that service capacity is sustainable, and that it meets the health care needs of Canadians. Policymakers are grappling with the questions of whether it matters who delivers health care, and whether new delivery will adversely affect the public system. A framework for approaching these questions in a transparent, thoughtful, and principled way is long overdue. 

This policy tool will assist Canadian policymakers, the public, and the media in analysing whether particular proposed models of health care delivery should be encouraged, regulated, or opposed. We begin with the principles, inscribed in the Canada Health Act, that health care should be universally and equitably accessed by all Canadians, regardless of ability to pay, and provide a framework for examining the ways in which delivery models might affect that principle. 

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