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Thousands of Canadians call for federal leadership on health care

OTTAWA, MARCH 30, 2015 – Thousands of Canadians are calling for renewed federal leadership on health care. On the anniversary of the expiration of the Health Accord, Canadian Doctors for Medicare delivered over 8,000petitions from Canadians in every province calling for renewed federal leadership in health care. Official Opposition Health Critic, Murray Rankin, and Liberal Health Critic, Dr. Hedy Fry, NDP MP Peggy Nash, and Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett met with CDM Chair Dr. Monika Dutt to receive the petitions and convey them to the legislature.

“As a doctor, I work on health care’s frontline,” said CDM Chair, Dr. Monika Dutt. “I am are here today to remind the federal government that our public health care system can decrease wait times, improve health outcomes, and ensure the financial sustainability of Canadian medicare. But these improvements require active participation from the federal government – and Canadians are demanding it.”

The 2004 Health Accord was an important tool for setting national standards, cutting wait times and ensuring stable funding for health care. The Health Accord expired on March 31, 2014, but the federal government unilaterally opted to not negotiate a new national accord to replace it. There is currently no shared plan between the federal and provincial governments guiding our national health care system.

“We need a federal government that is willing to work with the provinces to improve our cherished public health care system: to ensure better access to home care, reduce wait times, and help families with the high cost of prescription drugs,” said official opposition health critic, Murray Rankin.

“In order to achieve equal access to timely, efficient, quality and appropriate care for all Canadians, regardless of where they live, significant change in the current delivery system, as indicated in the 2004 Health Accord, is necessary. This will require federal leadership and collaboration and partnership with provinces and territories,” said Dr. Fry. “The Liberal Party is committed to restoring First Ministers’ Meetings on Health Care as a priority.”

CDM is one of many organizations across Canada with events planned to mark the Health Accord’s expiration this week.


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