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Surge in demand for pharmacare as new study shows that rate of missed prescriptions has hit 1 in 5

TORONTO – July 15, 2015

A study released today shows that the number of Canadians missing prescriptions because of costs has hit 1 in 5, nearly double the previous estimates. These surprising and worrisome results have led to another surge in support for a national drug policy.

According to a recent Angus Reid Poll, 91% of Canadians are now calling for a national pharmacare plan. They are joined by over 100 health care leaders, including Dr. Monika Dutt, Chair or Canadian Doctors for Medicare, and Dr. Danielle Martin, its Founder, as well as leaders in health policy, health economics, health services research, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and psychology. Their efforts are now focused on endorsing this new research on prescription adherence, and advocating for a national program that will safely and effectively address the problem.

“As a doctor, I work on health care’s frontline,” said Dr. Monika Dutt, Chair of CDM. “I see patients getting sicker because they can't take their medications. I see doctors trying to get samples that they can give to their patients so they won’t have to pay. And I see hospital admissions caused by patients who can’t afford the drugs they are prescribed.”

Provincial leaders are gathering at the Council of Federation, where the call for a national pharmacare plan should find a ready audience. Dr. Dutt notes: “It is fitting that the meeting is held in Newfoundland. Atlantic Canada has difficulties accessing affordable prescription drugs beyond much of the rest of the country.”

CDM joins the many other organizations who continue to call on all levels of government to support the development of a national pharmacare strategy.


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