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Premiers Prescribe Pharmacare for Feds: provincial leaders join call for a national drug plan

ST. JOHN'S - July 16, 2015

David Selinger and Wynne

Premiers from all parties and all regions joined Canadian Doctors for Medicare today in writing a prescription for the Federal Government: a national drug plan for Canadians. The giant prescription was signed at an early morning event at the annual Premiers’ conference being held in St John’s Newfoundland today.

As the call for a national drug plan becomes more persistent, Premiers hailing from the west, the Atlantic provinces, central Canada and the north, who are from Liberal, PC and NDP backgrounds, all joined together to call on the Federal Government to put the heath of Canadians first and bring prescription medications under our Medicare system.

“It was exciting to see so many leaders add their voices to the advice so many people are giving the Federal Government,” said Dr. Ashley Miller, Newfoundland Director of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. “Just yesterday a new study showed 1 in 5 Canadian families can’t afford their medication. That’s why the latest poll shows 91% of Canadians want a national drug plan. Apparently their Premiers agree,” she added.

The Premiers, including Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Newfoundland Premier Paul Davis and Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, added their names to a giant prescription form, prescribing federal leaders a healthy dose of phamacare. Leaders from across the Country, including former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff, CUPE President Paul Moist and Linda Silas, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, joined Dr. Miller in signing the prescription pad as well.

Recent studies show a national drug plan not only improves the health of Canadians but also enables bulk purchasing to lower the costs of drugs enough to finance a full pharamcare system with no increase in government costs, and in fact a net savings of $7 billion to Canadians.

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