Killing the Health Council bad for Canada’s health care system, say docs

April 16, 2013

TORONTO- The federal government’s move to defund the Health Council of Canada is another clear example of its determination to abandon Canada’s health care system.

“The federal government is no longer walking away from health care, it’s sprinting at full speed,” said Dr. Ryan Meili, vice-chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. “Cutting funding to the Health Council means cutting information on sustainability, quality and efficiency of our health care system – information that Canadians should be able to expect from their government.”

The Health Council of Canada is an independent agency tasked with monitoring the progress of the intergovernmental Health Accords of 2003 and 2004 that were established to transform our health care system over the following 10 years and support national standards. It’s also keeping track of innovations and best practices to improve our health care system.

“The federal government should be looking to negotiate a 2014 Health Accord to ensure that Canadians are moving forward on health care together, not creating a vacuum of information on our health care system by cutting the Health Council of Canada,” said Meili.

Even without a Health Accord, Canadians should be able to expect that the government would track and monitor the performance and progress of our health care system – something that the Health Council of Canada is well-suited to do.

“We urge the federal government not to turn its back on such an important function, and reconsider its decision.”


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