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Health Care Leaders Sign Giant Prescription for Pharmacare

Leaders Ask Feds to Support Nationwide Drug Coverage at CMA


Halifax, Wednesday, August 26, 2015 – Leaders from medical organizations across Canada came together to fill out a giant “Prescription for Pharmacare,” prescribing that a national pharmacare plan be delivered to Canadians by the Federal Government.

“The nation’s physicians are speaking clearly – we need a national drug plan and we need our leaders in Ottawa to take up that challenge,” said Dr. Monika Dutt, Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, the sponsors of the event. “Doctors don't prescribe something unless they know for sure it’s going to make things better, but at this point the evidence is clear: pharmacare will improve the health of Canadians and save Canadians billions of dollars.”

Recent research shows 1 in 5 Canadian families can’t afford the medications their doctors prescribe, and longstanding studies show this leads to costly complications and hospitalizations. The Canadian Medical Association Journal recently published research showing that the benefits of bulk buying on a national scale means pharmacare could be implemented with a savings of $7 billion to Canadians. No doubt that explains why the latest polls show 91% of Canadians want a national drug plan.


Canadian Medical Association President Dr. Cindy Forbes, President-Elect of the British Columbia Medical Association Dr. Alan Ruddiman and Canadian Doctors for Medicare Chair Dr. Monika Dutt signed the prescription.

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