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Feds walk away from health care reform

Canadian Doctors for Medicare, the Canadian Health Coalition, the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions issued a joint release on the federal government's abandonment of leadership in the health care system. 


For Immediate Release

December 21, 2011



Feds walk away from health care reform 

TORONTO - The Harper government let down millions of Canadians this week by effectively walking away from the opportunity to craft a 2014 Health Accord that brings real reform to our health care system.

“The federal government has thrown away a golden opportunity to lead health care transformation in Canada,” said Dr. Danielle Martin, chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. “Instead, they are jeopardizing the principles of the Canada Health Act, and throwing accountability out the window.”

The federal government announced this week that it would not be sitting down with the provinces and territories to craft meaningful national standards, effectively reducing the federal role in health care to cheque-writing.

With no enforceable interprovincial policy in place, the new federal approach abandons any real effort to ensure that all Canadians can access appropriate care across the country, and it disadvantages poorer provinces.

“We need stable funding of health care, but patients and taxpayers also want to see accountability and quality – from coast to coast to coast” said Linda Silas of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. “We are urging the federal government to work with the provinces to develop national standards and targets.”



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