Doctors across Canada support refugee health care challenge

February 26, 2013

TORONTO – Doctors across Canada are supporting the Charter challenge launched this week on behalf of vulnerable refugees in Canada who are being denied essential health care.

“Canada is a place where we value our commitment to look after each other, especially when it comes to our health care. Our laws should recognize this on behalf of refugees and those seeking status in Canada,” said Dr. Danielle Martin, chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare.

Doctors for Refugee Care and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers announced the challenge on behalf of three refugee men who have been denied coverage of needed care, such as insulin for Type I diabetes.

The cuts to refugee health care took effect last June. Since then, numerous cases of refugees being denied care such as chemotherapy for cancer, or prenatal care for pregnant women. In addition, the policy has confused health care providers, sometimes resulting in denial of coverage for those who are in fact eligible.

“The federal government’s response to this issue has been abysmal. Ironically, these cuts have jeopardized the health, and in many cases, the lives of people who were seeking a better life in Canada,” said Martin.

“Instead of reducing or revoking care for our most vulnerable populations, we should be looking at how to improve health care for all of us.”


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