CDM submission to the Drummond Commission

Efficiency and Innovation for Health Care in Ontario's Public Service

Canadian Doctors for Medicare Submission to the Drummond Commisson

January 10, 2012


As Ontario works to find efficiencies within its public services, Canadian Doctorsfor Medicare recommends that the Drummond commission take a long-term viewof spending in health care. Ontario needs to ensure that dollars are well-spent forthe future, and not just as a temporary fix to economic pressures. It is criticalthat Ontario plan now for the health care system it needs in the future.

That planning should be based on clear evidence that demonstrates whereefficiencies can be reliably found. An unfortunate fact about recent debate onhealth care in particular is that assumptions are made about sources of efficiencythat the evidence does not support. It is time that we returned to planning basedon solid research and sound evidence.In this submission we have looked at the evidence in three areas that providegood guidance for the future of health care:

1) An assessment of assumptions about private care

2) System improvement and public sector innovation

3) Evidence-based health care transformation


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