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Canadian Doctors for Medicare welcomes new ED

January 2, 2019

Canadian Doctors for Medicare is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Executive Director, Katie Arnup.

Having worked in the non-profit and trade union sectors, Arnup has extensive experience in advocacy and campaigns, including government relations, policy development and strategic planning. She has been with Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM) for the past two years as Communications and Outreach Manager.

“These are challenging and exciting times for public health care in Canada,” said CDM Chair Dr. Danyaal Raza. “At the same time that we are seeing a groundswell of support to expand medicare coverage through the creation of a universal single-payer pharmacare program, we are involved with the Cambie trial in BC, in the courts defending the very laws that uphold the public medicare system we so rightly cherish.”

“We remain as dedicated as ever to defending and improving medicare in Canada. CDM is uniquely positioned to face these opportunities and challenges, and we approach this work with renewed strength and hope under Katie Arnup’s leadership,” said Raza.

In addition to her background in communications, Arnup brings extensive experience advocating for social justice, strong public services, and workers’ rights. From child care to the gender pay gap, union organizing drives to pharmacare, she approaches each with a keen strategic eye.

Arnup is thrilled to be taking on this new challenge. “I remain humbled and inspired by the dedication and passion of the board and membership of CDM. I look forward to standing alongside them as we continue to fight for better medicare for all,” said Arnup.


Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM) provides a voice for Canadian doctors who want to strengthen and improve Canada's universal publicly-funded health care system. CDM advocates for innovations in treatment and prevention services that are evidence-based and improve access, quality, equity and sustainability.

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