B. C. Supreme Court to rule tomorrow on standing in private clinics lawsuit

Dr. Robert Woollard, Vice-Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM), will be available for comment at the Vancouver Law Courts after Madame Justice Smith announces her ruling on standing in the B.C. Supreme Court case about the activities of private surgical clinics. Dr. Woollard will be joined by Joanna Oda, a member of the CDM Board, and Rupinder Brar, a leader of the CDM chapter at the University of British Columbia.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare sought party status in the case, because as physicians we are able to contribute meaningful expertise to the case, and because we and the patients we serve may be materially affected by the outcome.

Our examination of the medical evidence shows that, should Dr. Brian Day and the other plaintiffs succeed in their efforts to legitimize for-profit private health care, the changes they seek will affect the well-being of patients and the effectiveness of the public health care system.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare applied for standing as part of a pro-Medicare coalition that includes the B.C. Health Coalition, as well as two physicians and two patients who have also applied for standing.

Dr. Woollard and his colleagues will be available for comment immediately following the ruling at 9:00am on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, at the Vancouver Law Courts, located at 900 Smithe Street.