Statement on Dr. Brian Day and the Ontario Medical Association's Annual Council Meeting

Canadian Doctors for Medicare is concerned by the selection of Dr. Brian Day of the Cambie Surgery Centre to speak at the annual Linton Luncheon on May 3, 2019 at the Ontario Medical Association's annual council meeting. The OMA chose to highlight the topic of private payment for medically necessary health care rather than innovative, publicly-funded care. This one-sided perspective was not reflective of the diverse membership of the Ontario Medical Association, and did not live up to the range or quality of discussion that one would expect from a representative body.
Predictably, the luncheon quickly became a forum for Dr. Day's support for an increasingly privately financed and for-profit health care system. Dr. Day advocated for private interests ahead of the public good, standing against equitable health care for people across Canada, while launching ad hominem attacks against his critics.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare recognizes that a universal public approach to health care has been shown to be an affordable, equitable and the effective approach - and acknowledges that Canada's approach to health care has been cited as a source of personal and collective pride among the vast majority of Canadians. CDM also recognizes that Medicare is far from perfect; there is much work to do to meet new and growing demands on our health system. We are proud to champion solutions that work for all people of Canada, and which put the public interest first.