Health care constraints

November 11, 2010

The Globe and Mail

Re: Nobody Should Profit From Health Care? Get Real – Globe and Mail, November 10, 2010

Karen Selick mixes up individual profit (her term for what most people call a decent wage) with corporate profit in arguing there is no such thing as non-profit health care (Nobody Should Profit From Health Care? Get Real – Nov. 10).

Individual health-care providers have a duty to their patients. For-profit corporations have a duty to their shareholders. Individuals are bound by moral standards and codes of professionalism. Corporations are bound by the law, and are always looking for loopholes to maximize profit.

Intuitively, most people would say that they would rather be cared for by a decently paid individual who works for a non-profit hospital than someone making a subsistence-level wage who works for a faceless corporation. A large body of scholarly literature demonstrates that non-profit health care (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing) is of better quality than for-profit health care.

Irfan Dhalla, MD, Canadian Doctors for Medicare

To view Dr. Dhalla's Letter to the Editor on the Globe and Mail website, please click here.

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