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Globe and Mail video debate on health care reform in Canada

November 11, 2010

Globe and Mail

On Thursday the Globe and Mail held a video debate about the future of health care in Canada. Dr. Irfan Dhalla participated on behalf of Canadian Doctors for Medicare to explain why two-tier health care would not benefit Canadians.

Part 1: Can private clinics fix public health care?

The Globe's health care panel looks at the state of Canada's health care system from two distinct sides and discusses what role private clinics can and should play in Medicare.

Part 2: Queue jumpers, two-tier and the Canada Health Act

Patients that have to wait months for treatment are de facto uninsured, argues Dr. Mark Goldey, and in that light, jumping queues is an acceptable option for system that already treats patients in a two-tier manner.

Part 3: Does private care rob the public system of its best people?

If rich patients choose private care does that mean that the poor will get better care in the public system? Not if the public system has been robbed of all its talented physicians and nurses, says Dr. Irfan Dhalla.

Part 4: Does Patient Know Best?

Health care dollars should follow the patient no matter where he or she seeks treatment, says Dr. Mark Godley, while Dr. Irfan Dhall counters that such a plan puts too much onus on the patient to choose the appropriate care.

To view this four-part video debate, please visit the Globe and Mail website, by clicking here.

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